31 Aug 2016

The Up-skilling Europe project reached the end of its journey with results impacting all Europe

Video summary of the project:

The execution of the Up-skilling Europe project has reached its end. For two years, since September 2014, the partners have been working on the development of the following five toolkits to contribute to the improvement of the employability of adults at risk of social exclusion across Europe. 

1. Toolkit for Social Entrepreneurship education.  
2. Toolkit for ICT training. 
3. Toolkit for English teaching. 
4. Toolkit for Lifelong Learning.
5. Toolkit for Learning Mobility.

Now the toolkits are available on this website in six European languages: English, Greek, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Spanish. 

The toolkits are easily transferable to other countries and to other organisations working in the field of adult education. Every organisation or trainer using the toolkits will be a positive step towards a more inclusive European society and this is the reason why the project partners developed and implemented an ambitious Dissemination Plan to ensure the widespread use of the toolkits across Europe.

Furthermore, as public administrations, policy-makers and decision-makers in the fields of adult education, employment and social inclusion were among the target groups of the project’s Dissemination Plan, it is likely that they will use or exploit, partially or totally, the results of the project, by taking them into consideration for future policy developments and reforms in the fields of education, employment and social inclusion.
The toolkits are also easily adaptable to other target groups, making them a strong base for further innovative developments in the educational sector. This has been ensured by deploying the toolkits as OER under the Creative Commons licence “Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)  so anyone can freely use and modify them. 

This potential for the exploitation of the project’s results by a wide range of organisations and target groups at all geographical levels means that even after the end of the project, the results will continue to be exploited, transferred and adapted beyond the project partners.